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Nick Mandel

Senior Energy Analyst

Nick loves to tinker. In his free time, he dissects machines and puts them back together, curious about what made them tick. His passion for figuring out how things worked naturally led him to engineering, which he studied at UNL. Today, Nick brings over a decade of professional mechanical engineering experience to his work at Energy Studio. When he isn’t solving energy puzzles, Nick stays active learning new skills and spending time in the great outdoors. He also enjoys running and hiking with his wife, their Weimaraner, Wheatie, and their Vizsla, Maisy. 

Nick is a registered mechanical engineer. He is excited about energy efficiency because it’s an emerging niche that’s becoming more relevant and important every day. His engineering skills uniquely position him to better the build environment and find new ways to use resources well.



Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering / 2011

University of Nebraska at Lincoln



Professional Engineer / 2016 / NE / 16173