Over a billion watt-hours saved.*

Here is a sampling of the numerous projects we’ve been involved in.

Some are quite disparate, others a bit similar. But all ended up creating a smaller energy footprint.

*A very, very low estimate.

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Fort Riley Replacement Hospital

Fort Riley, Kansas


The energy model file for this 550,000 square foot hospital, developed by the architecture/engineering firm that designed the building, was very large. The file’s run-time was lengthy, used more computer resources than it should have and was not allowing for the testing of design alternatives. The engineer who created the energy model was also having trouble modeling an optimized chiller plant that includes dedicated heat recovery chillers for space heating and service water heating.


The firm hired Energy Studio to address the challenges. We reduced the model size, cutting its run-time from 17 minutes to two minutes. We also developed a solution for the optimized chiller plant’s model, consulting with the engineers who are designing the plant and the dedicated heat recovery chiller manufacturer’s representative. Energy Studio’s services were later expanded to include LEED-NC v2.2 documentation for EA Prerequisite 2: Minimum Energy Performance and EA Credit 1: Optimized Energy Performance.

The successful completion of this project led to additional energy modeling assignments with the same client. These projects include the new 1-million square foot VA Omaha Replacement Medical Center and the VA Biloxi Dietetics and Laundry Facilities.

“We have worked with Energy Studio on a number of projects and they continue to provide exceptional results regarding the energy model with how it contributes to the overall energy performance of the building. Energy Studio is a vital part of our design team and we will continue to use them on future projects requiring energy modeling.”

-John Andrews, Vice President, Leo A Daly