Over a billion watt-hours saved.*

Here is a sampling of the numerous projects we’ve been involved in.

Some are quite disparate, others a bit similar. But all ended up creating a smaller energy footprint.

*A very, very low estimate.

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Lexus of Henderson

Henderson, Nevada


The owner of this 83,500 square foot Lexus dealership established a goal of LEED certification for the facility. The energy model submitted to the USGBC for review in an attempt for LEED certification received many technical comments that required revision to the model and LEED documentation. The revisions were made and the documentation was submitted again, but many of the original comments were not addressed. The EA Credit 1: Optimized Energy Performance credits and LEED certification were denied.


The Energy Studio reviewed the preliminary and final models and all documentation that was provided to the USGBC. We audited the energy model to successfully move through the LEED appeals process and achieve LEED certification.

The successful completion of this audit led to an assignment to review the Measurement and Verification Plan created for this project, with the same client.

“Your approach to helping with projects on a credit-by-credit basis and your proposal for doing so worked perfectly for our project,” said Alicia Powers, LEED project manager, Lexus of Henderson. “Working with you was like getting to hit the ‘easy’ button.”