Over a billion watt-hours saved.*

Here is a sampling of the numerous projects we’ve been involved in.

Some are quite disparate, others a bit similar. But all ended up creating a smaller energy footprint.

*A very, very low estimate.

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MSU Bond Learning Center

Springfield, Missouri


An architecture/engineering firm created an energy model for this 30,000 square foot facility, but had trouble modeling its geothermal well field. Additionally, the model was built based on the original building floor plan, but an alternative design was later accepted that expanded the building size. The model either needed to be expanded as well, or a new model created. Decision makers wanted its staff to conduct the energy modeling , but were unable to dedicate the resources to train staff to do it efficiently.


The Energy Studio was hired to revise the model to include the expanded area and the geothermal well field. Using the original modeling files developed by the architecture/engineering firm, we added the new components, a banquet facility and support spaces. Additionally, revisions to the model file, such as consolidating the schedules and developing a baseline consistent with the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Appendix G requirements, were performed. The Energy Studio will also provide the LEED-NC 2009 documentation for EA Prerequisite 2: Minimum Energy Performance and EA Credit 1: Optimized Energy Performance for this project.

Our success on this project led to an assignment at the University of Nebraska Medical Center with the same client.