Over a billion watt-hours saved.*

Here is a sampling of the numerous projects we’ve been involved in.

Some are quite disparate, others a bit similar. But all ended up creating a smaller energy footprint.

*A very, very low estimate.

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Rockford Construction HQ

Grand Rapids, MI


Rockford Construction in Grand Rapids, Michigan, purchased a former warehouse in a blighted area with designs of converting it into its headquarters. With its expansive spaces and an exterior envelope that was less than energy efficient, the design-build project was the perfect test for Energy Studio’s expertise.

The project’s primary challenge was to reduce the building’s energy use intensity to help achieve an aggressive goal of Platinum LEED certification. The owner was interested in evaluating several building envelope improvements, daylight harvesting, and mechanical system choices to determine the most energy efficient and cost effective solution available. Additionally, the owner wanted the three-story entrance lobby to be a visual beacon from downtown Grand Rapids.


During the schematic design energy modeling exercise, Energy Studio found that the large all-glass south facing atrium was contributing to a significant portion of the building energy use. Working with the architects, we were able to develop a design that reduce the amount of energy used to heat and cool this space while maintaining the ability to daylight the space and still allowing the south facade to define the facility from downtown Grand Rapids.

Energy efficiency was achieved through the use an under floor air distribution system that is served by a high-efficiency rooftop unit, reduced installed lighting power, daylight harvesting, and a significantly improved building envelope that included continuous wall insulation, high efficiency glazing, and an R-40 roof.

The current design model projects an annual energy cost savings of 41%. Additionally, the project will earn several local utility incentives and full credit under the IRS Section 179d tax deduction. Energy efficiency really does pay off.