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Energy management, when done right, means looking at the big picture.

We want to connect with owners, operators, engineers and architects who share our interest in understanding where energy is being used in buildings and how it can be saved.

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Energy Modeling
Energy modeling, when done right, is more than just plugging some figures into a computer program. It includes knowing what questions to ask and to whom. Keeping up with the latest energy-saving methods. Knowing how energy tweaks can affect design, budgets, schedules and much more.

Initiated early and utilized throughout the design process, energy modeling can help architects and engineers study design alternatives and make energy-conscious decisions.

Calibrated energy modeling replicates an existing building’s envelope, lighting and HVAC systems to assess energy performance and develop methods to reduce consumption, demand and cost.

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Energy Management
You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Do you know your building’s EUI and the cost implications? How are you performing compared to other buildings? Could it be better? These are the questions we want to answer.

Effective energy management involves identifying and understanding where and why energy is used in a building and using that information to measure, manage, and minimize consumption. This can take many forms, from Utility Bill Analysis or Life-Cycle Cost Analysis to Energy Audits, Measurement & Verification, or Building Retuning, and can include a variety of partnerships, certifications, incentive programs or financing mechanisms.

We view energy management as a process, and understand there is no ‘one size’ solution for every project.

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